Saturday, October 8, 2011

10 Ways to Be As Cheap as Possible At College

1.     Win a raffle so your cafeteria plan is free for the semester.

2.     Buy Great Value (Wal-Mart brand – you can cook spaghetti for 6 for less than $10 with Great Value!)

3.     Happen to forget your credit card when you accompany your mother on a trip to the store during a visit home, so she ends up buying you food (because she is wonderful and oh so generous!)

4.     Happen to forget your credit card when you accompany your friends on a trip to the store during school, so no one buys you anything and you end up playing with the Halloween decorations for 20 minutes.

5.     Live in a city like Abilene where everything is ridiculously close by so you only have to fill up your car every 6 weeks.

6.     Get a library card so you have no excuse to buy books.

7.     Get a Netflix account, watch pirated stuff online, or bring all of your own DVDs and combine them with your friends’, so you never have to rent movies (for $4 a night – ridiculous!)

8.     Skip meals. Not the ideal, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Free food in the cafeteria means waiting till later to eat.

9.     Get a job at a delicious Italian restaurant and eat mistakes whenever possible.

10.  Think about all the other things you could do with your money, like buy a chicken for an orphanage in Zambia ( or send a Christmas present to your adorable Compassion child in Thailand (sponsor your own precious child of God at, and you’ll automatically think twice about purchases of any size. 

Happy frugality! 


  1. You make your mother proud.

  2. Sarah, 'your' chicken is happy and healthy--though not yet in residence at the orphanage. Thank you so much for your generosity!

    Renee, you raised her right!