Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Antics in Africa

In addition to the work we are doing at the orphanage, our days are also filled with a great deal of fun. After the work day ends in the evening, the antics begin. But what, you might ask, is there to do in the middle of the African bush?

We are the only muzungus for miles. Far from any major city, there isn’t exactly a nightlife we can explore. There aren’t movie theaters to go to (which is unfortunate, as I’m very excited about several movies coming out this summer,) no amusement parks to get sunburned at, no malls to go shopping at, no beaches to visit, no parties to attend, not even a church to be involved in. The traditional occupations of a usual summer are thousands of miles away.

What is a handful of high school and college students to do in such a predicament?

That’s an easy question. We create our own fun. And we have a blast.

We watch movies (often pirated and packaged in pieces of cardboard with hilarious translated Chinese) and reruns of The Office. We mock movies (at least, that’s the excuse I offer in order to watch the first three Twilight movies.) We watch Troy, Jas, and Timmy’s homemade movies, which are excellent and tons of fun to enjoy.

On the nights when Tom and Amy travel to Mansa or Lusaka, Jasmine has to sleep in the main house by herself, so we drag cushions and mattresses in and have a slumber party in the living room, falling asleep as we watch Drew Barrymore in Ever After or Amy Adams in Enchanted.

One night, we found a packet of Indian hair dye that Jas claims stays in the hair for two years. So of course, we put it in Emily’s hair. What else does one do with an old packet of Indian hair dye?

We play games – Pictionary, Kingdoms, Mafia, card games like Spoons and Egyptian Ratscrew (or Rat Crew, as Emily calls it,) Double Speed, Nerts. We set up a net between the flower garden and the herb garden and play badminton as the sun sets. 
We have a Wii that works on a tiny television (when we have power), and enjoy many happy hours of playing the first version of Just Dance and laughing as we topple over in our attempts to do yoga on the Wii Fit.

As I write this, Jasmine, Emily, and the Marys are involved in a valiant baking war. As I am severely lacking in any baking ability whatsoever and busy writing this post, I get to serve as the objective judge and decide which of their creations is the best. It’s a difficult burden, but I’m sure I’ll manage somehow.

In addition to our organized fun, we manage to make simple tasks like doing dishes or milking the goat fun. We are at all times silly and outrageous. There is plenty of laughing and joking, and lots of encouragement and bonding. The fun provides a release from any tension or stress that the day may have brought us, and as we have fun, we form bonds of friendship that will last for a lifetime.

There is always a good time to be had at the Kazembe Orphanage.

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