Sunday, January 27, 2013

Just Like Job

It’s been a very long time since I have written on this blog. Most of you have probably ceased to follow it, and that is perfectly fine, as I was primarily using it to help keep my financial supporters apprised of my doings in Africa. Having returned from Africa and finding myself very busy, I didn’t really think to keep posting. However, God has been doing so many amazing things in my life that I feel called to share them. He has brought me into a completely new season than I was a year ago. I am a changed person, and I just can’t wait to tell you about all the things He is doing in my heart.

I often compare my experience of the past six months or so to the story of Job. While I am not implying that God and Satan had a conversation about me, my situation has resembled Job in that after my return from Africa, I entered into a season where all of the pillars of my life began to crumble. Very quickly, all of the things that I had depended on were stripped away – a variety of relationships, financial security, a definite path for the future, success in school, and emotional stability. While some of the events that took place were within my control, the majority were not. Never have I experienced such a season of despair and subsequent growth of faith. I would not exchange a moment of it for any semblance of peace or prosperity that I might have known. Every day of the past semester was grueling and wonderful at the same time. Never have I heard God speak so clearly to my heart, and never have I grown so much as I did.

Then, just like Job, God began to restore all of the sanctuaries I had previously sheltered in. But no longer are they places to hide. Now they are places to celebrate and rejoice in, but not to depend on. Not only did He restore all that I had before, but He gave me even more blessings than I had previously been granted. The things that brought me joy before became even more fulfilling because I knew that they were directly from His hand. The turnaround was incredible. I sincerely believe that God brought me into a season of struggle in order to teach me to rely on Him. Having resolved myself to this reliance and having found my joy in Him, He then began to bless me because He knew that I no longer find my security in the things of this world.

This semester is completely unlike the previous three. During finals week of last semester, I was spontaneously blessed with the opportunity to become an RA in a sophomore dorm. This enormous blessing is shaping up to be an incredible experience. While I am still getting to know my residents, I have already seen that God brought me to this specific hall at this specific time for a reason. They are wonderful young women of who are constantly encouraging me and challenging me.

However, this semester will also have challenges of its own. My schoolwork will be harder than ever, and the challenges of my job and living independently are new and unforeseeable. Decisions about the future draw nearer, and my financial security is uncertain.

But I am excited. God is whispering my name and telling me that there are new adventures ahead. It will be hard, and harrowing, and oh, so rewarding.

If there is one thing I love, it’s an adventure.

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